Thursday, April 22, 2010


Why is it that I always hear women trying to put the male race down? For instance I heard on the radio the other day the d.j.'s were requesting women to call in and basically complain that their men do enough around the house. There were plenty of women who decided to call in and complain. I'm sorry, but why? My Master may not do the dishes or the laundry or scrub toilets, but he does go to work every day and make money, and he tends to the yard, and to the garage, changes filters on air vents and handles our financials. So no he may not the day to day "chores" in our house, but why should he? He does enough already! My Master deserves to praised for such things, as do most men out there. We as women need to learn to be thankful that our Masters/Husbands/Significant Others work hard for our families, and that they have not been feminized!! Unfortunately that is part of what is wrong with our society is that men cannot be men and women cannot be women. Society as a whole has tried to feminize the male and turn our females into males. Go figure. Thank you Master for being the man you are!!

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