Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sweet Release

The warm and tingling feeling is still caressing my butt. I have received punishment for some wrongdoings and while uncomfortable in a physical sense, mentally I feel better for my punishment. I know that my Master has punished me and now those wrongdoings are cleansed from me and I can move on without the guilt weighing me down. So now I turn my energies to my to do list and concentrate on how to make things well between us. I have turned over yet another new leaf and am taking my projects and my rules by the horns and tackling them with 100 percent of my energies 100 percent of the time. By doing this I will overcome my Master's concerns about me and finally be able to prove that this is the lifestyle I want. Please wish me luck.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I find myself in a quandry. My Master doesn't seem happy. I have politely asked if something is bothering him but he just says "no". I have attempted to peak some interest in him, but it doesn't seem to be working. He just seems down. And this affects our time together, because I worry about him. All those questions start coming to mind, like "Is it something I did? Something I said? or even Something I haven't done." I do feel out of sorts when I feel that things are not alright. Hope does prevail and I do believe that things will be well again soon.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Project 1

Here is a "sketch" of my first project for my Master. With his approval I have posted it. It is in rough draft form, and we have not been able to "play" this out yet.....but soon we will I hope....

I would like to be tethered and/or chained and be completely at your mercy for any all sexual pleasures.
I would wear my leather collar and have a chain attatched to it for you to lead my around by
I would be chained up during sex play and during times that we not engaged in sex play
My mouth would need to remain quiet unless you specifically tell me to speak
I would wait on you hand and foot and do everything you wished and anything and everything to bring you pleasure I could not cum unless you told me too
I would be a total nasty slut and beg for your cock and beg you to fuck me
I will lick you all over to heighten your nerve endings and bring you pleasure from the feeling of my tongue running all over your body
I would to be your most humble servant
I am a new slave at your “sex resort” and need to be taught my you, the Master how to conduct myself. I'm scared and turned on at the same time. Slightly shy, but willing to do anything even if seems a little strange to me. I do have a small defiant streak and you need to break me, so that I will become humble and subserviant.
There are many methods you have at your disposal to teach me, toys, whips, hands and of course how you speak.
I would be either dressed very slutty, or not at all, that is up the Master.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When Swines Fly

Our humble home has been struck by the dreaded H1N1 virus. We are all experiencing the dreaded virus at different times (luckily I'm done with it) which has been a good thing. We can all take care of the ill one. So with my illness, our fantasy writing had been post poned. The first fantasy I wrote for my Master has not been put to the test yet, but he did like it. Now the second fantasy is something we are working on together line by line and it is turing out to be quite interesting and a ton of fun. It is so much more fun working on it together. I will be finding out if I am able to share some of the writings here on my blog. It would be fun to share some of the experiences with all who read my humble blog. This of course will be completely up to my Master, and I being a good submissive will do as he pleases.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Written Word

My given project is to think of a fantasy and write it out for my Master. I have done one today and will do another tomorrow. This is a fun project for me, but there are so many fantasies that it is hard to choose. And out of the two that I will write for my Master, he will choose whether we will act them out or not. I do feel vulnerable when writing out my fantasies because if they are rejected I feel I have failed my Master. But whether we use one of mine or one of his, I do know that we both reap the joy of the pleasures that we will experience together.
I continue to work on my submissivness and feel that I am making very little progress. Actually, I feel/think I'm making progress, but thankfully my Master is there to remind me of the things I have not accomplished yet. So I will continue to improve myself, so that my Master will look at me and know he made the right choice.

Monday, October 5, 2009


A sexual fantasy fulfilled for my Master has brought me much joy. To be able to overcome some of my own "restraints" has left me with a feeling of euphoria. Sexual play brought to a new level is always satisfying but, to experience the pleasure of my Master's smile and satiated feelings is rather overpowering (in a good way). Acheiving "sub-space" while acomplishing this task is even better. Unfortunatly, my memories are a little foggy, as far as my feelings are concerned, because being sub-space is like being out of focus of reality. While I remember the physical pleasure and sensations, it is difficult to describe the mental and emotional sensations. But my feelings are not what is important here. The most beautiful thing was watching my Master fulfill a fantasy and pleasure that seemed to radiate of him. I can think of nothing more wonderful.