Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The quiet beauty of love seeps thru each of us. I look at my Master and my love shines thru. The simple act of watching him sleep brings me such joy. The sweet tast of him when I kiss him goodbye in the morning warms my heart the whole day thru until I can come home and await his arrival for another sweet kiss. The simple act of a kiss from my Master fills my heart with love, because I love him so much. The touch of his fingers, or a look from him refills my heart yet again. He is my life and my life line. I miss him when we are apart, and yearn for his attention. It is love, and it is good love. I submit and he rules. That is love, and love is a quiet and beautiful, and should above all be cherished

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have been granted a wonderful gift. Another chance. I have sucessfully managed to screw up pretty much everything in my life and therefore everything in my Master's life. However, my Master has granted me the wonderful gift of another chance. My short-fallings shall remain between me and my Master, but suffice it to say, I am not only unworthy of him, but have learned alot and will put forth the love and admirmation I have for him to prove myself to him. I find it incredibly amazing that this wonderful man has granted this once in a lifetime opportunity. Not only is he is wonderfully gracious but he also cares enough about me to explain the situation to me so I know the rules and understand all consequences. So, to my Master, I say a heart felt Thank You, and please know that I think you are the most generous of people and that I hold you in the most highest regard, and I promise to excel for you, and you alone.