Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sex Training 101

Master has me in sex training still, and i love it. My mind is adjusting and learning to think about at all times and i am learning that i can find some sort of sexual context in just about everything i do. It certainly makes housework more enjoyable. And reaping the benefits of being horny is always a great reward and such a great stress reducer as well. Thank you Master for letting me explore these wonderful sexual feelings and getting to know my sexual better, and a very large Thank you for letting me release my sexual energies on you. More to cum...


  1. How satisfying that your Master is introducing you to sex trainining. That should be wonderful for your relationship.

    You said there would be more to come and I'm sure your readers will be looking forward to hearing your story. Hope you let us know how the training got started, what it consists of and how it is satisfying for the both of you.

    Good luck.


  2. Definitly more to come, and Thank You for the suggestion of writing about how it started, and the different techniques, this one will be happy to share, will ask Master for permission to write about it.