Thursday, February 18, 2010


Today this one was chained with some slack to move around, as long as it was on all fours. Master was kind enough to let me have a bed on the floor and some water in a bowl while he was at work. This one had to wear a diaper while Master was away, something that this one does not like. This one was happy to do this for Master today, as He seemed pleased with this one and seemed to enjoy seeing this one tethered up. This one has been very humbled by this training exercise. This one is always happy to perform duties, tasks, or other exercises for her Master's benefit. This is still struggling with the feeling of detachment from her Master, and the lose of her ownself. This does embrace training but this one cannot wait to be out of this phase, as her emotions are starting to ebb and flow more and more through out the day. And this one does not want to disappoint Master any more.

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