Friday, February 19, 2010

Phase II

Master has removed this one from intense training which means this one is no longer required to ask permission for anything and everything. Master feels that this one has made enough progress and has shown enough improvement to remove those restriction. this one is happy to move into this phase of training, as this was feeling as if our relationship was becoming too formal and detached. this one loves Master so much that she missed the easy, comfortable feelings of just being able to talk or touch Master. this one still shows proper to Master, but does not need permission to speak, touch, or look at Master. So this is in a much happier place as looking Master in eye is so important this one, it is another form of worship to me, as his eyes are beautiful and hold such wisdom and light for this one. this one is feeling more at ease and comfortable with the new freedoms and feels stronger for the training she has received so far. this one looks forward to more training, so that she can become the best slave for her Master.

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