Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Written Word

My given project is to think of a fantasy and write it out for my Master. I have done one today and will do another tomorrow. This is a fun project for me, but there are so many fantasies that it is hard to choose. And out of the two that I will write for my Master, he will choose whether we will act them out or not. I do feel vulnerable when writing out my fantasies because if they are rejected I feel I have failed my Master. But whether we use one of mine or one of his, I do know that we both reap the joy of the pleasures that we will experience together.
I continue to work on my submissivness and feel that I am making very little progress. Actually, I feel/think I'm making progress, but thankfully my Master is there to remind me of the things I have not accomplished yet. So I will continue to improve myself, so that my Master will look at me and know he made the right choice.


  1. Is your Master going to let you post the fantasy stories and tell about the experience of acting them out and finding out whether doing them matches the fantasy. That could be interesting if your Master allows you to do it.


  2. An interesting proposition. I will pose the question to him and see what comes of it.

  3. guess answer was not at this time:) well I hope all is well is a good task keeping the mind fresh