Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Project 1

Here is a "sketch" of my first project for my Master. With his approval I have posted it. It is in rough draft form, and we have not been able to "play" this out yet.....but soon we will I hope....

I would like to be tethered and/or chained and be completely at your mercy for any all sexual pleasures.
I would wear my leather collar and have a chain attatched to it for you to lead my around by
I would be chained up during sex play and during times that we not engaged in sex play
My mouth would need to remain quiet unless you specifically tell me to speak
I would wait on you hand and foot and do everything you wished and anything and everything to bring you pleasure I could not cum unless you told me too
I would be a total nasty slut and beg for your cock and beg you to fuck me
I will lick you all over to heighten your nerve endings and bring you pleasure from the feeling of my tongue running all over your body
I would to be your most humble servant
I am a new slave at your “sex resort” and need to be taught my you, the Master how to conduct myself. I'm scared and turned on at the same time. Slightly shy, but willing to do anything even if seems a little strange to me. I do have a small defiant streak and you need to break me, so that I will become humble and subserviant.
There are many methods you have at your disposal to teach me, toys, whips, hands and of course how you speak.
I would be either dressed very slutty, or not at all, that is up the Master.


  1. Petal, Thank you for this and I cant wait to help you fulfill your fantasy for you, Master

  2. Master, Thank you for your response I do look forward to it.