Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shortcomings aplenty

Bestow upon me the wisdom of a submissive. Please, anyone out there that can offer an opinion, point of view, or example of superb submissivness, I would be forever grateful! I have a mind full of ideas to prove and show my Master how much I love him. In fact I have so many, both large and small, that I can't seem to settle on which ones would be best. My mind just spins and spins with so many ideas that I get them all confused. I love my Master above all things, but I need to find a few specific things that will prove to him my complete and utter surrender. I have done some things, but still feel that I have failed him. Perhaps that is the way the of the submissive. My punishments for my shortcomings are always great reminders of all that I need to improve upon, but I feel as if something is still missing. Perhaps I will think upon that alone, maybe it is my shortcomings that are the problem.


  1. Have you asked your Master what he wants you to do to prove your complete and utter surrender. Maybe he thinks you're already doing that. There's nothing like communication. Humbly ask his input and tell him you want to make sure you're meeting his needs. I could give you all kinds of suggestions but the key is what he wants. Let him take the lead.


  2. My most humblest thanks for your input. I have spoken to my Master and I believe what I need to do is focus on my core guidelines and improve those to perfection. Thank you again for your input, I do see the wisdom of good communication.