Monday, July 6, 2009

Why Me?

I often wonder why my Master chose me. I am far from perfect and am guilty of many things. So, I have to ask, why me? Does the Master choose the slave for any particular reason, or are there many reasons? I see myself as a non worthy candidate for my Master. My past haunts us both, and yet he chooses me as his slave. Why me? I Love my Master with all my heart and soul, and will do any and all to prove this to him. My Master is who I worship, and would do anything for, give my life for. He protects me from so many outside influences and lets me enjoy a very happy, non stressful life. So many times, such as now I have to ask myself what I've done to deserve such a special Master. An answer I may never get, but I do know that with each affirmation and each punishment I receive, I thank the powers that be that this wonderful, very special Master is mine. I know deep in my heart I don't deserve him, and everyday that I breath on this Earth and even every die when I am unable I love him to the very extreme. For I am his slave of love and will never tarnish to bonds that hold me.

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