Wednesday, December 2, 2009


My most loving Master has given me a project. I was make a "slave uniform" for everyday wear when I am home. This was fun and imaginative idea for me. Just one and sewing machines don't get along. I became so frustrated today with the sewing machine, that I wanted to throw it out the window. In my frustration, I told my Master how frustrated I was and I became upset. My Master was kind enough to take time from his day and come home to check on me because I had been so frustrated. I loved seeing in the middle of the day, but now I embarassed that I hit that frustration point to such a degree that he needed to check on me. I love you Master for the consideration you showed me today. I do feel quite humbled that you would take the time from your day to look in on the poor slave girl!! I will fix the mess I made of the uniform and loving fix the mistakes I made.

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